Ground clear up – Help needed

Ground clear up – Help needed

The time as come when we start preparations for the new season. A major part of this is the ground clear up. This annual event titled “Cricket Force” is replicated at grass roots cricket grounds up and down the country. The event is promoted by the ECB and Nat West with campaigns aimed at encouraging people to volunteer.

Our event will be held on Saturday the 28th of March at our Preston Old Road ground @ 9.30 AM

We NEED YOU to help, we are looking for as many volunteers as possible to help. We encourage people with little or no skills to come along supported by anyone from the community with trade skills. The roles will be a mix array from painting, repairs, boundary tidy, scoreboard opening, rubbish removal. We may need extra equipment or tools to support the work. If you can help in anyway from donating time, materials, tool loan, technical support please get in touch and help the club.

The event is coordinated by Daniel Farnworth he can be telephoned, email or messaged see the poster. Failing that just turn up on the day in your overalls and bring plenty of elbow grease.




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